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What some of our clients have to say!


If anyone could make a difference in the way a person looks and feels about themselves after putting their goals in someone else’s hands – it’s Daniel! Zelvin & Annie Damon


You feel amazing after eating right, you feel focused and full of energy. Daniel has not let me down and I would definitely recommend using his services! Sheldon Morris

Owner, SCT Investments

I have been using his diets and training programs for a year and a half now and I have lost 10kg and I’m back in a size 34! Maria Venter

I have lost so much body fat and I actually have muscles! It has become a complete lifestyle for me, thanks to Dan’s help. Tjaart Venter

No matter where you are on the physical fitness spectrum, he will develop a program that addresses your weaknesses as well as your strengths, your needs and goals. Riaan & Kathy van Der Merwe

With Danny’s diet I have managed to drop my weight from 95kg to 82kg in 3 months, currently we are working on building muscle and the most difficult part of my body – ABS. Vivian Bester

I recommend DND Nutrition to anyone that wants to lose weight fast and achieve their fitness goals. Megan Horak

I have lost so much body fat and I actually have muscles! It has become a complete lifestyle for me, thanks to Dan’s help. Gideon van Wyk

I will gladly recommend DnD Nutrition to anyone, which I’m already doing, this is the best route forward for you and your family’s health! Tracy Morris

I would recommend DnD to anyone especially athletes for fast effective results as well as competition prep. Tayla Arnold

Thanks for making my Goal much easier by supplying me with the right nutrition that my body needs to get to the next level! Whesley De Bruyn

My goal was to lose weight, and he helped me by following a specialised diet / eating plan. Daniel made my meals to help lose kilo’s. Justine Birch

I have lost 3.5kg in the month that I have been receiving the meals, which is a huge bonus for me, considering that I have not changed my lifestyle in any other way! Anne Young

Your advice and experience has added so much value and has made it possible for me to concentrate on my training without the concern of my daily diet. Karen Kruger

I have definitely noticed a change in my physique over the period I have been eating DnD Nutrition’s food. I can highly recommend to give it a go if you are serious about changing your body. Whesley De Bruyn

All food is freshly prepared daily, I have never had an “old” meal, and as a bonus, I have been losing weight without exercise and have much more energy than before. Morne Hofstede

Thank you Danny for the healthy delicious meals and taking a big load off me and my sons get to eat a healthy meal every night! Bernadette Prinsloo

Danny listens to his clients and has a personal relationship with each of his clients which makes you feel like you have a dedicated chef, not just like a number on a meal card. Rachel Dawber

Project Coordinator , Tenova Pyromet

Ons is al vir n jaar baie gelukkige kliente van DND. Elke ete word gebalanseerd beplan en uitgewerk vir elkeen individueel. Elke huishouding kan doen met sy eie persoonlike shef Danny!! Pieter & Anrea

All I can say about DND Nutrition is that I am exceptionally happy with the service they provide… the food is great and it saves me a lot of time. Daniel is punctual I always get my meals on time! Myan

I have used DND Nutrition in the past and am using them again. This alone should show the reputation of this business. My wife and I are so pleased by this specific initiative as it is so cleaver and convenient. Once you start you can’t stop!

DND Nutrition was a referral from my daughters boyfriend who is crazy about the meals he has received. My daughter and I have just recently started a special eating program with this company and I must say the veggies are so tasty I would never have eaten veggies like I do theirs. the meals are nothing short of amazing. Lynette

Being a regular at the gym and working out to maintain a certain physique and aiming for a specific goal. I have been using DND Nutrition for the past 2 months and they have saved me a lot of trouble preparing my daily meals needed for my diet. The meals are delivered fresh daily and I cannot fault them. Andre

My family and I order our daily dinners through DND Nutrition and must admit it is the most convenient idea as it has saved us a lot of time spend in the evening after a hard days work to still come home and prepare a nutritious meal. We can come home and relax what a pleasure thank you DND Nutrition! Louis

I was referred to DND Nutrition by my niece who has also made use of this service and I am happy to have started with them. My meals are delivered every morning to my door. With no menu to chose from I was a bit worried as to what kind of meals I would receive, however I gave a list of foods I do not eat and I have not been dissapointed. Hanna (Left)

My wife and I are heavy into the Crossfit scene and were made aware of the services DND Nutrition offer. We receive our meals every evening for the following day and it has made our lives so much easier as we do not have time to eat correctly with a such busy lifestyle. Our meals are delicious every time!

With wedding plan underway and so much planning before the big day I have left my weight loss in the capable hands of DND Nutrition, they come highly recommended by acquaintances. I have been using their service for some time now and have nothing but good things to say about them. Well done guys keep up the excellent service! Steffi

I have only been with DND Nutrition for a week and I have already seen results. My goal is to pick up size and I have already gained 4kg. We are getting married shortly and my partner and I are very happy with the rapid change. Cant wait for the final outcome. So happy to have found you! Wimpie

I’ve been making use of Danny’s meals for 2 months and the results are amazing. I’ve lost 9 kg’s in the past 2 months. Just shows that training hard and eating right does pay off! Rudi

DND Nutrition’s meal are very healthy and as promised nutritious, for anyone who wants to change their body shape and health I highly recommend them. I enjoy every meal of the day that DND provides. The best part is that the food is tasty and affordable! Lenus

DND Nutrition offers fresh meals daily. I have used their services and I’m happy with the outcome. I highly recommend them! Chanelle van der Walt

DND Nutrition was a referral from Ryan Manthe @ Trinergy fitness in Benoni, I started doing the 12 week challange and on my first week I prepared the meals myself and it was a nightmare. I didnt know what to do until I decided to use Danny’s services….What a difference, the food is not only healthy but super delicious. I used to hate veggies, but with DND nutrition I have started to love it. I feel full of energy and very happy. I would recommend them to anyone…. and believe me you will never regret it.  Thanks Danny for your excellent service. Lidia

I am very impressed with DND Nutrition. All their meals are prepped fresh and has always been on point. The service delivery is excellent, knowledge displayed is impeccable and willingness to assist and meet all their customers requirements are second to none. I will gladly recommend anyone to use them. Riaan & Michelle

For someone that hates admin, the opportunity to have my meals prepared is amazing. The quality of the meals was of a very high standard and one could always count on it being just what the “doctor” ordered. Stephan Groenewald

Daniel’s business is very professional, he treats all his customers with respect and gives personal attention to everyone’s diet, thank you Daniel. I would recommend you to anyone that asks about your menu. Fanie De Lange

DND Nutrition saved my life! I have such a hectic lifestyle that preparing my meals often does not fit into my time schedule. Since I started eating my meals from DND, I actually enjoy my food again, Danny adds his extra little magic to every meal, and, although my meals are pretty plain, he manages to make them feel like gourmet cuisine. Mark Stent

Owning a restaurant and being a food critic. It was quite a challenge to get my meals prepared by Daniel. I was very impressed by the quality and presentation of his meals. I certainly recommend the convenience of not shopping around for goods that you still need to prepare. Thank you DND Nutrition for your prompt services. Suzana

I have been in the fitness industry for 22 years. Throughout my career I have tried many nutrition companies. Not one has been as attentive and knowledgeable as Danny is, always supplying me with fresh, well packed, well presented and specifically weighed food. I am thrilled to say that I work with Danny’s Nutrition Company, DND Nutrition and the results speak for themselves.

Thank you DND Nutrition Ryan

To the DND Nutrition Team
I joined the Trinergy RM-4-week challenge, and part of the challenge is to follow a strict eating plan and being a working wife and mom time is the one thing I did not have preparing these meals.
I was introduced to DND Nutrition, not only were they most cost effective, but the service and quality of food was excellent.
Being a challenge, contestants were provided with weekly eating plans, which had to followed to a T – but DND nutrition made sure I had 5 FRESH meals daily for 4 weeks and they were as tasteful as “diet” food can be… even better! Being a fussy eater, there were some food on the menus I did not eat, and the DND team accommodated my request and replaced with alternatives.
I can truly recommend the DND Nutrition team! And I will make use of them in the future.
Thank you for being part of my 4-week transformation journey! Marzelle Strey

With the rushed and hectic lifestyle we have these days it’s difficult to eat clean and healthy. We often tend to fall back on easy fast food meals that make you feel tired and bloated.

The DND Nutrition meals saved so much time and effort. Danny and Leigh-Ann conveniently delivered all my meals to Trinergy freshly prepared every morning. I will recommend Danny and his team to anybody that is battling to lose weight or that simply want to get their life on track. Nadia

My fiancé and I started using DND Nutrition on Monday 8th January 2018. Danny is professional, very knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. Before proceeding with our meals, Danny met with us first to find out our current lifestyle (exercise schedule etc.) and if we had any special food requests. Now four weeks into our meal plan with DnD Nutrition, we are seeing impressive results and loving the food. The meals that are prepared for us are fresh, very tasty and filled with variety. Upon collecting our meals on a weekly basis (delivery is an option), Danny is mostly available to answer any questions and get some feedback on the weeks’ meals. My fiancé and I actually get excited when we get home to see what meals we have because every week is something different! We would highly recommend DnD Nutrition if you would like to lose weight, gain muscle mass or simply live a healthy life. Eugene and Nicole

I was referred to DND Nutrition via Ryan Manthe at Trinergy as I took up their amazing 12 week challenge.

I was very skeptical in the beginning as I have tried most of the other companies with their pre-packed meals whether frozen or fresh – all have been a disaster.

But this was not the case with Danny, his food is freshly made daily and very yum! Even my 10 year old enjoys the meals we have on a daily basis.

If it was not for DND Nutrition prepping my food on my 12 week challenge I think I would’ve ended up cheating on this plan. It made everything easier, all meals prepped. I could spend more time with my son when we got home and didn’t have to worry about being stuck in the kitchen doing meal preps. Even now after the challenge I am still gyming at Trinergy and Danny is still prepping my food according to a meal plan he has designed for me in order for me to lose more weight. I could not thank him and his team enough!! Michele Beaurain

Thanks to DnD meals, I was able to reach and exceed my weight loss goal of 5 kg in 4 weeks to total loss of 5.2 kg.
My meals were tailor-made to my special requirements.
Each meal was fresh and well prepared and full taste, unlike some other frozen diet meals bought from a shelf. Special thanks to Danny and the team. Michael Marks

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